Thursday, 13 January 2011

Converse Campaign

This is a video of me painting photo realism for the recent Converse campaign. This wall was painted in Shoreditch with Best Ever. This was a nationwide campaign, encouraging the return of hand painted advertising. I was involved with the London and Manchester walls. I now have a new found hatred for scissor lifts!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

St Helen's Primary School - London

This is a mural painted in a primary school playground. I worked with artist Alex Martinez on this project producing a garden of Eden image as requested by the school. We wanted to make the wall look like the bricks had fallen away exposing a beautiful, tropical paradise. We had a very receptive audience during break-times with rows of children sitting behind us watching the image unfold, clapping and cheering.  

Aces Wild

This is a freestyle character I painted down at Leake Street, Waterloo. I was painting with the brilliant Spanish artist Rabodiga.

James Brown Memorial Mural

Commissioned by Brighton & Hove council the James Brown memorial piece covers a three storey building in central Brighton. Painted two days after his death with Odisy and Aroe, we chose images from his different album covers. A sad but funny day as we could hear passers by shouting 'I'm a sex machine, huh!' and 'ow, hit me' amongst many other famous sayings from the godfather of soul.

The Hive Bar

The Hive Bar is a boutique cocktail bar and restaurant in Brixton. Given the task to make over the bar’s exterior I was allowed complete creative control of the artwork. The linear line drawings of flowers, was layered with a beehive, a queen bee and a grizzly bear character. The owner was away whilst work took place and loved the final outcome.  

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Tizer One Customizes Malcolm Mclaren's Casket

Tizer One was kindly asked to customize Malcolm Mclaren's Casket

"The boombox was an homage to the Duck Rock album cover painted by Legendary New York Graffiti Artist Dondi produced by Malcom Mclaren." - Tizer One

"Too fast to live and too young to die was a slogan used in the first boutique with Vivienne Westwood, at age 67 it pretty much says it all. What an honour. Rest in peace Malcolm." - Tizer One

Lid held open by Mortuary worker, where it was painted

The Casket being carried from the Church after the service