Tuesday, 12 October 2010

St Helen's Primary School - London

This is a mural painted in a primary school playground. I worked with artist Alex Martinez on this project producing a garden of Eden image as requested by the school. We wanted to make the wall look like the bricks had fallen away exposing a beautiful, tropical paradise. We had a very receptive audience during break-times with rows of children sitting behind us watching the image unfold, clapping and cheering.  

Aces Wild

This is a freestyle character I painted down at Leake Street, Waterloo. I was painting with the brilliant Spanish artist Rabodiga.

James Brown Memorial Mural

Commissioned by Brighton & Hove council the James Brown memorial piece covers a three storey building in central Brighton. Painted two days after his death with Odisy and Aroe, we chose images from his different album covers. A sad but funny day as we could hear passers by shouting 'I'm a sex machine, huh!' and 'ow, hit me' amongst many other famous sayings from the godfather of soul.

The Hive Bar

The Hive Bar is a boutique cocktail bar and restaurant in Brixton. Given the task to make over the bar’s exterior I was allowed complete creative control of the artwork. The linear line drawings of flowers, was layered with a beehive, a queen bee and a grizzly bear character. The owner was away whilst work took place and loved the final outcome.